Another Year Older, Another Year Wiser?

Tomorrow I turn 34. This is my year. Each year is my year, but now I truly feel I own it and I am in control. I’ve still got a few things I would like to accomplish before I turn 35, a self imposed goal marker, so this is my year to make it happen.

DSC_8287 (2)I’ve done a lot in 34 years, learned a lot in 34 years, but in reality it doesn’t matter what check boxes we’ve ticked, what matters is that we are satisfied and happy with the life we have lived. If we aren’t, it is only up to ourselves to make changes and make it happy from here forward. I am pretty satisfied with what I have experienced and accomplished and the positive people I’ve surrounded myself with, but there are a few personal things I would still like to achieve. We can always want more and more and more, but if we don’t take time to realize what we already have, we can sometimes completely miss appreciating them. That aside, I also believe we should always have goals and work to better ourselves. I plan on working hard towards new things and taking the time to enjoy everything and everyone I already have.

Some people measure their lives based on what they own or where they’ve been, but I prefer to measure it on things like how many times we’ve smiled or how many times we’ve felt loved. I have never chose my friends based on any criteria other than they are good for me and mCAMERON BIRTHDAY 2011-39ake me happy and I look at life choices in much the same way. This doesn’t mean that as I’ve grown those around me have grown at the same rate, in fact we often grow apart from people over time. As I get older I realize that is completely okay!  Being happy and surrounding myself with mutually beneficial positive relationships is where I will remain. Growing further with self improvement and accomplishing my goals is where I will move forward.

Happy Birthday to me, and to you too. You’ve got one in 2016 sometime and I hope you reach all of your goals and more. Most importantly, I am hopeful that you appreciate each day and embrace it with a smile. That’s my biggest goal and it is what will truly make me most successful in this lifetime.


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  • Happy Birthday tomorrow. You are a wonderful beautiful soul and hope you have a spoiled day surrounded by everthing you love. It’s great to have goals small or big you do need something to work towards and nothing like feeling accomplishment when you meet them.

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