2016 Family Bucket List

For the last few years we spend some time on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day putting together a list as a family. This list isn’t typical resolutions – like eat healthier, less take out, save money – but a list of things we would like to do during the year.

DSC_6451In year’s past we have had things like visit Medieval Times, try geocaching, have a family board game night, go to the zoo, make our own pizzas, visit a farm, make a snowman, or bowling. Your list can have 5 items or 30 items, the options and number of items can be endless. It is always good to hear input from my son and see what some of his favourite things are. More often than not, things like go to the beach and have a picnic (this is on there every year) are valued more highly than pricey or extravagant outings to him. It is rewarding to see that simple things can bring such elation.

It is something to get your child(ren) thinking about what they like to do and what you can do together as a family.  It brings about a good discussion and is great to hang on the fridge all year long as a reminder. There are always those days you are looking for something different and that list can be your inspiration! The important thing is to remember you have 4 seasons and a whole year – so spread your activities out.

DSC_8097While we won’t give you our “in the works 2016 list” as we hope you brainstorm as a family together, we hope to have planted some ideas to get you started on your own Family Bucket List. We would love to know if you made one and if your kids loved the idea! We love traditions in our house and this is one that really makes me happy during its creation and execution.

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