Janet Lange Art & Design: Our Playdate


Opening up my surprise gift Christmas morning!

Earlier this month we organized a new type of playdate, something we had never done before – an art class with Janet Lange Art & Design! We set it up such that the kids would come away with something – a gift for mom – for Christmas. I eagerly had to wait to open my gift to write this post. My son was determined there would be no peeking and it would be my first gift Christmas day.


Christmas tiger colouring away!

The playdate was 3 hours in length and a wee bit chaotic at drop off and pick up – but no different than a birthday party when you are trying to get 30+ kids organized and settled. Sometimes it is a bit harder as not all the kids yet know each other and some aren’t as comfortable initially, but in hindsight our large group was also a bit too big for Janet’s space. Our playdates are becoming increasingly more popular every month and we learned that in the future we would have to do two sessions at this studio and decrease the numbers per session to have things run a little more smoothly. Janet had never taken on something quite like this either and she did a great job keeping 30+ kids entertained for 3 long hours! I am sure the moms/dads enjoyed their 3 hour break too!

The kids were busy with their art project, colouring crafts, and getting their faces painted and all left with super big smiles. It turns out there was a selection of things for them to choose from for an art project/gift. I was gifted an elf shoe ornament made of clay and painted. As a bonus, SnowAngel Studios individually photographed the kids and sent them home with print of their photo!

We asked the parents for feedback following the event and all who responded said they would enroll their kids in this type of playdate/workshop again – so we are thinking May if you want to watch for it!

Aside from being a fabulous face painter, Janet has designed a fun inviting space to facilitate workshops, classes, camps, and private functions. From Friday Family and Creative Canvas Art Nights to summer camps and an afterschool program, she has a full schedule of activities to offer the community. Classes have/are offered for all things art – decorating cake lollies, oil paints, soap making, learning to face paint, sculpting, knitting, drawing and so much more! It is a great space to let your child (or your inner child) explore and release their inner creative side. We encourage you to check out her website and Facebook page and find something interesting or new for your kids or that you can do as a family! I’m planning on heading to a canvas night in 2016!



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