Getting the School Concert on Video

DSC_8341This past week, like me, I am sure many of you attended a school Christmas concert. I thought of this idea last year, but I wasn’t sure where to send it. I’ve decided to blog it instead and see what you think!

The gyms are packed. All seats are filled and every aisle is filled with standing parents. Everyone wants a picture or video of their child or children. In our case my son didn’t tell us he had a little solo part – he kept it a surprise – and I totally was not prepared to capture it. I’ve been trying to find that place between over capturing behind the camera and missing the memory and enjoying the moment. I loved it, it will always be a great memory but I wish I’d had something to show the ten grandparents other than a blurry picture from about 25 rows back.

I think schools should bring in a videographer. With the 500+ kids at most schools, someone has to have a connection and someone who would love to take this on. It would enable the parents put away their phones and video cameras and enjoy the concert. Have a clear path down the middle or a platform so the videographer can capture the whole stage.

Then… sell the concert on disc as a fundraising initiative!

I’d happily pay $5-10 for a copy of the concert knowing money was going back to the school and I’d had a good clear view of the concert on video. I would sit there enjoying the moment with peaceful thoughts of having it to treasure later and look back in years to come.

What do you think? Would you buy a copy? Would you rather it be status quo or do you like this idea? Maybe your school already does this?

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