Slowly Making Progress: Royally Fit Month 2!

I just completed month 2 of Royally Fit  online training as I am still working on becoming a more fit me. This month was a month of change, but not with drastic numbers like month one. In fact, the numbers changed very little this month. I did manage to complete all 12 workouts, plus a couple of extra things, but my muscles were much sorer this month, and I really appreciated my off days for recovery.

The good news is that this month I fit into everyday jeans I could not fit into before starting my Royally Fit mission and my muscles visibly are getting more defined. There is much less of my love handles to grab and the belly is slowly getting slimmer. Pictures are great to show progress, but they only really show part of the story. How I feel, how much stronger I am, and how my muscles show more definition, in my thigh for example over the layer of flab that once covered it, aren’t really shown in these quick snaps with a cell phone, but I included them below nonetheless.

All month I fluctuated up and down the same 2 lbs. In the end, at weigh in this morning, I ended up down 1.8 lbs this month.  I did enjoy a few Thanksgiving celebrations and a few meals and treats out for other functions, but I ate fairly well and generally consistent. I like food, really I love food, so my diet will always be one of moderation (no chance I was passing up pumpkin pie!). I did experience a lot of bloating this month, which I think may have been due to increased fibre, grains and vegetables and not enough water, but I am hoping that next month with more focus on water and a few less celebrations it might subside. I don’t track what I eat and I have actually added in more snacks.

I mentioned in my post last month that I didn’t take all the measurement points that we were supposed to, but I am continuing to track the ones I did take at the end of each month.
Month 2 numbers:
Waist (at bellybutton) – down 1.50″
Hips (largest place around) – down 0.50″
Bust (at the bra line under breasts) – down 1.00″
Left Thigh – down 1.00″
Left Arm – down 0.25″
Overall this month I lost 4.25 inches. Total loss over the first two months is 12.25 inches and 9.2 lbs lost. I am so close to that 10 lb mark!


If you want to get more fit too, from the comfort of your home, new session starts November 2nd!

Although numbers fuel us to work harder and keep pushing on, I can feel the changes without the BIG numbers this month. Goals for next month are to drink more water – a goal I made last month but wasn’t much more successful at this month, and to stop checking the scale as frequently. I think it might even move a little when I don’t look at it.  The stress of it not changing sometimes causes us to hold onto a little; I’ve convinced myself of this anyway! I am ready for month 3 and hoping to see even more positive changes as I become stronger and more lean. Those jeans I can now fit into will hopefully fit even more comfortably at the end of November.

Can you see the differences?

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