Royally Fit – Month 3!

Month 3 of becoming Royally Fit. This month was a true test of bustle and emotional turmoil. Most of you know we just wrapped up our Christmas event. I took a week off from exercise over the preparations and wrap ups from this event (prizes being awarded and distributed, charity donations, etc). During this month, we also were delivered with bad news on two loved ones – cancer. As a person that takes everything into my heart and feels the pain of all, it really did a mental blow on me. Especially when one of them is my age, a mom, and a friend. I also had a month of my best friend moving to a new province, several functions out, a cookie exchange and some periods of high stress at work. It really was a mentally and emotionally exhausting month and many tears were shed.

I completed 10 of the 12 workouts this month. There was no time for any extras. While I plan on completing the 11th workout tonight before the next month begins on Monday, I foresee less life circumstances next month, and a more gung ho approach, especially with two weeks of glorious vacation coming at the end of the month!

I’ve forgot to mention in my two previous months (month 1, month 2) that the Royally Fit program comes with a meal plan. While I do not follow the meal plan and have yet to try anything from it,  it is another Royally Fit additive which makes training for only $29 a month even more of a bargain. I eat fairly well on my own and I am not the primary meal maker in our house.

The most important part is the results. So how did I do with all the extra things thrown in this month? Well, I’d say I am still moving in the right direction and becoming more fit.

Month 3 numbers:
Waist (at bellybutton) – no change
Hips (largest place around) – down 0.25″
Bust (at the bra line under breasts) – no change
Left Thigh – down 1.00″
Left Arm – no change

Overall this month I lost 1.25″ inches. I also lost 2.8 pounds (as of yesterday that was 3.8 lbs but weigh in day I am of course up – might have been that chocolate cake at a charity lunch yesterday!). Total loss over the first three months is 13.5 inches and 12 lbs lost!

My goal was/is to lose 15 lbs. I am really close. I am hoping I can reach it by the end of December which was my initial target month. Either way, I see myself continuing to move forward and get as fit as I once was, and maybe even surpass that with new goals. Its a journey that never really ends. My monthly progress pictures can be see below. I’ve posted only the beginning photo and today’s photos this month, but you can check the other posts (month 1, month 2) if you want to see the continual progress. I wish photos showed more of the muscle definition I see and how much better I feel. I had my husband use our real camera over a cell phone this month in hopes what I see in the mirror would come through, it didn’t, but nonetheless I think there are some noticeable changes for 3 months worth of a little, not even my best, effort. My waist is a wee bit tinier (okay, a lot tinier!) and you can see abs!


August 30, 2015

Month 3

November 29, 2015

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