First Blue Jays Game


An amazing view!

This past Sunday I took my son to his first Toronto Blue Jays game. He has been bugging all summer to get to a game, and to be honest, as summer was flying by the idea of getting tickets kind of went by the wayside. So the last two weeks when my brain kicked into “summer is ending” mode and I started my search to get tickets.

Focusing and hoping a home run ball came his way.

The trouble with leaving it so late, and the team being red hot this summer, is that tickets weren’t easy to come by. I have read about and watched newscasts on the phony tickets floating about (that look just like the real thing) so I was only going to buy from a reputable source.

I entered every Facebook contest I could find and searched Ticketmaster every day to no avail. It was starting to look like this dream was going to have to wait until next summer. Then, voicing my troubles to a neighbour, she told me she had an avenue of getting tickets. I was so hopeful! After some dedicated trying on her part (more of her resources were sold out too!), she scored us a pair to purchase. Luckily they were 100 levels too – so his first experience didn’t have to be in the 500’s!


The very busy sign. He wanted to add more!

My husband and I had been to games before, but we wanted to wait to take my son until he was a little older so it would be something memorable. Dad fondly still remembers his first ball game and we wanted to create that special memory for my son as well. We could have done this anytime in the last couple of years and he still would have remembered, but we just didn’t get to it with such busy summers. We would let him stay up and watch the rest of the games every night when he got home from his summer activities, so he was even more into watching baseball this year than ever before. Two weeks ago Mom started being mean and enforcing back to school bedtime so the staying up for the end of games ended there and his eagerness to attend a game grew.

We kept the tickets as a surprise to my son until the night before. I wish I would have taped his initial reaction as he was “so very excited” and asked us “you sure you aren’t kidding” a good three hundred times. He promptly went to work making a sign to take with him the day of that he proudly showcased at times throughout the game. We did really enjoy the game, a Blue Jay win, even 30C temperatures. Best of all my son has some amazing memories to keep his little baseball heart aglow and things that make him happy make me a very happy mother. Next spring, I will be purchasing them very early (good team or not!).

September is shaping up to be a busy and exciting month for our family, full of a lot of upcoming fun.  I am not sure why it has all turned out so close together, but last weekend it was the Maple Leafs event, this past weekend the Blue Jays, and I can’t wait to share our other little adventures as they come along!

20150906_130349 - Copy

That is one content little boy!





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