4 Weeks Complete! Am I Royally Fit?

Yesterday I finished my last Royally Fit workout for month one. I am definitely staying signed on for month two, so let me tell you how my first month went.

April 7 2013I told you some of my goals at the beginning of the month here. I am looking for realistic results with realistic expectations. I would love to be super fit and have the perfect body, but I also love being busy with things other than fitness,  kinda really love food and baking, and would need some other work (insert lift for these post 6 months of breast milk pumping saggy breasts) to get that serious. So I’m just a regular mom who would like to be comfortable in my own skin, feel a bit sexy, and keep up with my son as we plan crazy adventures.

I’d set a goal of losing 15 lbs. I may or may not reach that goal, muscle build and tone depending, but I will know when I get to that happy stage by the fit of my clothes, energy level and how I look standing in front of the mirror.

I followed the workout portion of the program. Included was a meal plan that I didn’t use, as Dad cooks most of the meals in this house. With our farm share, getting enough veggies is never the issue, it is just the extras eaten with the veggies. I did eat better than I had been (significantly less treats) but there is always ways to improve that (less breads or bad carbs, completely eliminating processed foods, increasing food ratios like protein vs carbs), so let’s call that a work in progress. I did only indulge in takeout once with my family though, changed up some recipes to make them healthier (I shared a few recipes here and here on the blog) and I did make good use of the support Facebook group. I fell off the water drinking bandwagon this past week – was doing great the first three weeks – so that is my first goal this week – is to increase water consumption.

As for the workouts, I completed 10/12. I missed workout #7 as my leg muscles were super tight. Instead I substituted a pilates workout and repeated a short ab workout we were given to make up for it. I do plan on doing #7 this week as the next Royally Fit online session starts October 5th, giving me time to sneak it in. I also missed workout #11, which I plan on doing today. For this one I was working twelve hour nights and just didn’t have the energy or time to fit it in.

I also did a second pilates session and a few long walks this month, to add to my training. I am not sure of how many but I would guess 6-7 anywhere from 3.5 kms to 5.5 kms and added in stretching whenever I would feel tight muscles. Next month I’d like to add more variety on top of the twelve Royally Fit workouts (and do all twelve in the month!), maybe some things my son and I can do together, like rollerblading or hiking, intense road hockey, or just exploring further as we walk the dog.

Finally, what you really want to know is the results. This month I lost 7.4 pounds. A significant loss occurred in week 1 and then I just chipped away a little more each week over the next 3. More importantly I lost inches. I didn’t exactly follow the inch measurement instructions I was given as I only took measurements of one thigh and arm (both sides were recommended) but here is what happened for the spots I measured:
 Waist (at bellybutton) – down 2.75″
Hips (largest place around) – down 2.25″
Bust (at the bra line under breasts) – down 1.25″
Left Thigh – down 1.00″
Left Arm – down 0.75″

I am happy. That is 8.00″ lost, which could have meant more had I followed the instructions (I also didn’t take the second bust measurement requested!). In a dream world I would love to lose it all in the first month and then just maintain, but life isn’t like that. I put the weight on and became more and more out of shape over the last two years. This month one progress is just my very good start at getting back to that happy place and fitting into my jeans. I know progress might slow in month two, but I am in this for the long run! I’ve provided pictures, although as cell phone collages they aren’t high quality, nor do they show how good I feel, but they do show a little proof of inches lost as I am starting to develop a waist again. The outfit isn’t flattering either, but I didn’t want to wear clothes that tucked it all in and defeated the purpose.


Next month is Thanksgiving and Halloween. I will post again at the end of that month for accountability, to show my progress and to let you know how Royally Fit keeps me focused during a very tough month! Did I mention I love chocolate?

Note: Today is the last day to register for Royally Fit at $15 per month (and stay at that rate for the duration of your enrollment). Monday Sept 28, prices increase to $29 per month! If you want to join at this reduced price, act quick!

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