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How often do you take time for yourself to recharge? When was the last time you enjoyed a full day or night out, just you and some girlfriends with no worries about what to make for dinner or getting home in time for the sitter? Let me introduce you to “Glamping” provided by UFIT Health & Wellness Studio! It is a glorious camping experience for women with the ideals of regular camping but luxuries to make the experience a lot more relaxing, rewarding and recharging. The retreat is all inclusive and the only request from you is to bring your pillow and a blanket.

Imagine arriving toRedAndOrangeLogoPNG “glamp” with other women as much in need of time away as you… tents supplied with hydro and an air mattress already set up and awaiting your arrival. Your meals are prepared for you, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, while you sit back and relax in the outdoors. Take part in fireside meditation, a hike, canoeing, pedal boating or maybe even tubing to have some more adventurous fun!

Arriving before lunch on Saturday September 12th, and leaving Sunday September 13th after lunch, you will enjoy a solid 24 hours revitalizing you. UFIT Health & Wellness Studio will be making your experience unforgettable and enjoyable, all within 1 ½ hours of Durham Region.

How do you get in on this women’s retreat? This can be your night away for $99 (and all of the above is included)! The value of this package is $250+! Book with a girlfriend or book yourself in and make some new friends! You deserve it! Can’t make these dates? Inquire with UFIT Health & Wellness Studio for future Glamping dates and round up your friends for a special weekend away. It is an opportunity that promises to be rewarding in so many ways.

Still not sure? Enter to win your opportunity to recharge below! We know the majority of our followers are hard working mothers who never take the time for themselves.  One lucky woman will win this package for the Sept 12/13 Glamping Experience and come back rejuvenated! Happy Relaxing!

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You can conveniently find UFIT Health & Wellness Studio on the web or Facebook.


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  • By September I’m definitely going to need some “me time” and this definitely sounds right up my alley. Especially the fireside meditation – the campfire is my happy place.

  • Let’s see…
    – I travel for work
    – My husband travels for work
    – I have a demanding/long hour job
    – I really try to fit in as much time with my children as I possibly can because they are growing so fast
    – I am part of a wedding in Oct ( as are my two kids )…

    As you can see, I don’t have a lot of free time to look after me.. this would be AHHHHHHHH-MAZING!

  • Can even tell you how much I need to go glamping experience, this year there was so many family health issues that had to be taken care of in the family. On the positive side new grandbaby on it’s way, so I would love to be pampered to be ready for him or her!

  • I think it would be great to spend some time focusing on myself before I walk into a very busy season at work and will help me refocus on starting the school year off right for the kids.

    • Awesome news!! If you would like to send an email to trainwithtracy@yahoo.ca she can confirm your spots. Spots are firmed up with payment to her and the winner if already in a firm spot will be refunded. You are going to come back happy and recharged!

  • I’d love this for my mum! Single mum who raised 6 kids and is amazing with my son since she just became a grandmother 🙂

  • This has popped up on my fb at possibly the best or worst time. I am a single mom of two, 19 and 7. The 19 year old is ill and has recently taken a turn for the worse. iWork full time and commute 3 hours a day… I just don’t know how much more I can take without taking time for me. I’ve lost most of my girlfriends due to my own ostracizing or there’s as I deal with all this. I would love the opportunity to have a fun girls weekend…

  • I can’t say I deserve this experience more than any other mother deserves this experience. I am a mom of a 6 year old, strong-willed, intelligent, loving girl and a feisty but sweet 1 year old boy. My husband is the hardest working man I have ever known. We have our own business and he works long, long, inconsistent hours. I never ask for time alone because I know how tired he is. I am now also tired and overwhelmed with having them both home full time and on completely different planets (age difference and needs). I start work again in September, teaching Kimdergarten, which I love! I would also love some me time!!!! Thank you for offering this gift to a deserving mom! We are all in this together! We got this!

  • I have said this everyday since the start of summer….”Jesus take the wheel” lol

    I have 3 girls that I absolutely adore more than life…but this momma needs a break!

  • As a stay at home mom of a busy 15 month old who has been teething non-stop I could definitely use a break! Wod live to meet new people, relax and unwind in nature! 🙂

  • I would love to win this Glamping Trip because I have never been camping and I have never been away on my own ever! I feel like it would be a time of important self discovery doing something completely outside of my comfort zone. Good luck to all entries as you each deserve this opportunity! Xo

  • With 4 teens and 1 that is special needs and medical needs, I don’t find any “me” time 🙁 I think this would do the trick.

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