Time To Get Royally Fit

It’s time. It’s time I add something new to get me motivated and back in shape. Two years ago I happily ran a bootcamp 2-3 times per week and looked great. The last two summers I was unable to do so – already too many activities flooding our schedule. I still managed to keep focused by hitting the gym before work in the mornings for a year following the end of bootcamps, but early in 2014 I switched shifts. I went from days to continental days & nights. I only did this schedule for 5 months, but it was enough to throw my routine out the window.  This included my eating patterns and dedication.

When I came back to a days schedule it was summer and with the bustle I still never picked it up. Then came winter and although I tried getting back on the bandwagon a few times, I was inconsistent.

This past June I started back at the gym. I’ve been doing cardio 4 days a week. I skipped a week in July and a couple in August due to holidays & activities, but I’ve been going. A few days I’ve woke up later and only been able to get 15 minutes in, but I still went,  just to push myself a wee bit.

I haven’t been eating that great though.  I have enjoyed far too much ice cream this summer and often find myself at the Tim Hortons drive through getting an ice cappuccino before settling into watching or helping coach an evening of ball. Since this happened many nights a week, even though I was doing cardio it was really just balancing out the bad calories with no real beneficial body gain (or in this case desired loss). Oh, and late night lazy summer takeout, this too is about to change this week.

I know from experience you need more than just cardiovascular exercise to get you places so I’ve been craving something new. I am a very muscular build yet a very short woman. I’ve got large thighs and a rear end to match. When I gain it goes straight to my hips and downward, adding to that mass of the pear bottom between the buttucks & thighs. I’ve also recently added a small pouch out front. So really it is just one large wide mass in the middle now!

I am educated to know the scale doesn’t really matter. Fitness level and strength are more important. However, the number on my scale does need to change. There is a good 5, 10, hey let’s go for 15 pounds for a real ambitious super fitness goal  – 15 pounds that I would like to shed and feel comfortable being me again.


Operation regain Strength, Fitness and Curves is commencing this week!

I’ve joined an online training program for something new and to help make myself motivated to do things . Maybe even in time on my own again. A few friends have highly recommended Royally Fit since they already train with her and I personally know she is a great trainer (we used to teach bootcamp in the same park!). She is very experienced, professionally trained and has a passion for her business and helping others succeed.

Three times a week, for just $15 a month, she will send me different video workouts to complete at home. These workouts are only 15-30 minutes long. This I can definitely fit into our already busy schedule. We have access to a secret Facebook group and healthy recipes for further motivation too. The best thing is that this program allows me to workout out anywhere – I can take this work out to the gym with me or do it on my livingroom floor. I am really excited!

Do you want to join me? If you do you can register here! A new month of training is starting Monday August 31st, but really, you can join at any time. I will definitely keep you posted on my progress as real results are the best evidence of success. Sunday, August 30th is scale and measurement day. Then I’m about to work hard all month so I can share some amazing results and by telling you, keep me accountable!

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