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As a woman, most of us endure a menstrual cycle for in my opinion much too many years! We can differ widely in frequency (standard 28 day does not always apply) and the symptoms that come along with it. I wanted to share with you this handy tool I use called the Period Tracker. I specifically use this free application but there are different ones available. It helps me keep track of when to expect it and be prepared. I recently upgraded to a new phone but I was able to get my previous data when I reinstalled the application as you can backup it up to your Google cloud either manually or on a fixed schedule. I kept the data for the last six months as that is the length of time it is of value to me personally but you could compile years worth of data over time.


20150817_163410_resizedOther features of this application is the ovulation date predictions based on your average cycle and the opportunity to make notes (how you felt, lots or little cramping, etc). These notes can be handy later on if you need to visit the gynecologist or you have very irregular cycles. You can track when you are intimate too – which could be important when attempting to conceive.

If you are ready to move past the pen and paper for yes, even your menstrual cycle, I have provided a list of similar applications other than Period Tracker available here.

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