Mission One of Reading Accomplished


Happy boy in the library!

There are so many skills we want to teach our children before and while they grow. I’ve touched on some of these before where we’ve created chores for my son to teach responsibility and respect for our home, or the importance of good attendance and courtesy, and I mentioned him having a personal goal with the TD Summer Reading Program. Perhaps the last one is the most important.

Setting goals in life teaches a variety skills on their way to reaching it. Discipline, hard work, motivation, personal satisfaction…the list could be quite extensive. My son’s personal goal was to read 1000 minutes to mom & dad from the beginning to the end of his reading program which ended today. He reached this goal about two weeks ago. We had told him that once reached we would do or get him something special. While I thought bigger, a special outing or the like, he asked for a specific book (Minecraft Guide)! So off we went to the store to get his beloved book. I was so proud, as was he, and they were 40% off, so I bought him two!


He built and painted a bird house at the end of program celebration.

What is better about this story is that he felt further motivated by his success. He has set a new goal and is continuing to read to us. He wants to reach 3000 minutes by Christmas. So we will continue to track and listen as he progresses. We will visit the Oshawa Public Library every week and get out an armful of books. All of his minutes read have been with different books and no repeats, so we will continue this way. We might need to visit a new branch soon for new variety though!

The summer wasn’t without some rest and relaxation, and time off from reading too. He read very little during his week of camp and this last week during baseball playoffs. With the days and nights of these weeks both very full, we taught him it was sufficient to take a day or two off and pick it up again when time allowed. This is an important lesson in time management, whether he realizes it or not.


The magician at the year end celebration was pretty entertaining to him.

The TD Summer Reading Program was free. Free motivation for kids to expand their skills, develop a love for books, and an opportunity to be rewarded for their progress. Visiting the library to report minutes read and earn paper books or ballots for prizes, and getting an invitation to a year end celebration party, none of this was very time consuming considering all the positive benefits that resulted.

If you haven’t already added the program to your family summer bucket list for 2016, I suggest you do it now. Otherwise I encourage you starting your own family reading goals. Once you can read, you can teach yourself almost anything. I’ll let you know when he hits his next reading milestone!


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