Inventory – What is in the Cupboards?


The pantry is stocked with all things pasta for winter! Picked up all these at more than half off! Made sure of +1 year expiry!

I am less than a week away from starting my great grocery money saving adventure. Before we start I should know what we already have right? This weekend it is inventory weekend. The kitchen will benefit too as I am about to take everything out of the cupboards and see just what we have, what needs to go, and give them a good wipe down while I am at it. I’ve posted a couple pictures of the pantry which is very well organized (the other cupboards not so much). I’ve been working on stocking up over the last month with a couple items, practicing looking for sales!


Stocking up the canned goods when on sale!

I know we have backups of things we use regularly, usually condiments, and at least half a dozen jars of pasta sauce and bags of pasta, among cupboards full of who knows what else. This will be the start of our Inventory List. I will review this list weekly when I shop and flip through the sales with the intent to purchase everything (as much as possible) in the future, on sale. I told you previously here that we were working on a grocery list that worked for our family, with things we use regularly and what we buy weekly and what sales we want to watch for. This Inventory List will help us complete that and the “Watch for Sales” area. We hope to share our final family drafted list before we start September 1st.

I hope that the Inventory List, also to be posted on the fridge, will mentally help me keep track of what we have too, so we don’t run out of those items and have to pay full price. I might have to make it a mission to review at an unknown predetermined frequency as I am not sure updating every time we use something would actually stick. This will not work for everything we buy of course, but the common items like pasta sauce, pasta, canned goods, condiments, etc. will be of what I am interested in noting.

Are you ready to start? Are your cupboards packed full or empty and waiting to benefit of the savings we are about to get ourselves? I have been stocking up this month as practice on a few items when I see sales. There is a list I am going to be using as my go to guide for knowing what is a good price for general items. You can use it too and find it here. This site has a wealth of information and I am slowly diving in! We are that much closer to saving money!

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