Fall Swim Dates

I am a planner. Generally I am the organizer of most events and activities among family and friends. It is likely due to my weird love of long term planning and a full calendar, and the fact with so much local family we have to be on top of planning to ensure we get to see everyone.

Starting last fall we planned regular public swim dates right into our calendar. Initially I set out with intent to plan these for our wee little family to keep my son familiar with the water over the winter months when he wasn’t taking lessons. We’ve had our struggles with swimming as I previously documented here (thankfully after his surgery earlier this year we’ve seen a huge difference) and I wanted to ensure any progress made was not lost. I also wanted him to learn to like to just play in the pool outside of formal structured lessons.

IMG_20150704_131553You know when you say you are going to do something and don’t put the pen to paper it generally doesn’t happen? Before you know it your schedule is full? Well that is what happens here so to be committed we set dates up soon after the Fall Leisure Guide is released. We invited family and friends to swim with us. We never expected everyone to make it every time, in fact there was no obligation for anyone to make it any of the times as we planned on going whether others attended with us or not. It turned out to be a fun biweekly date that many of us looked forward to and marked down as a regular event.  Therefore we are back to scheduling them again this fall.

We pick Friday evenings twice a month where the kids bedtime doesn’t need to be quite so strict and mom and/or dad can also unwind in the pool. My son has got the opportunity to play with other kids through these dates and spend a lot of extra time in the pool. Sometimes we had 1-2 extra families out, occasionally we had as many as 7 or 8  additional families to enjoy an evening  swim with. Turns out we never ended up going alone. It has increased his water familiarity and he loves going. Personally, I love the evening adult social after what always seems like a long week. It is refreshing and relaxing, and also a really affordable activity – which is super positive in my books!


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