What is in a Smile? Happiness Here!

A smile can be so many things. Most of all it is usually a first impression as it is an integral part of facial expression. I don’t have perfect teeth. I could have used a set of braces as a kid, but they aren’t awful enough that I’ve been driven to want to get them as an adult. However, I do have an addiction to herbal tea. We go way back, probably about 18 plus years by now. These lovely cups of deliciousness have taken a toll on my teeth. Although I visit the dentist regularly for cleanings, they still were suffering from the effects of tea, and a little more tea, and well likely way-too-much tea over time (as a side note – I have been working on this tea addiction and am down to a only a couple cups per day!).

I’ve always wanted to get my teeth whitened. It has been something I have looked into numerous times. Expensive trays done once and moderately cheap bleach to go with them purchased yearly? An at home kit – strips, pens? Or in office procedure? Make your own natural concoction? I’ve looked into them all, but never had come to a decision or wanted to spend the money on myself as there was always something else that it could be spent on. When I first came into contact with Katherine of LifeSmiles Dental Hygiene, it was in relation to our Christmas event, of which she will be a fabulous vendor. Checking out her business further, I learned she is mobile a portion of the time (also with a brand new office near downtown Whitby)! How amazing would it be to have her come to your house and clean the teeth of your whole family? Not having to pack up the whole family to go to the dentist and the ability to be a little more flexible with schedule. I imagine the comfort of your own home would do wonders for those nervous in a dental office and I am looking into her doing possible molar sealing for my son too (we’ve attempted this two times already – didn’t go so well). After talking and building a level of comfort I asked her about whitening and her thoughts. She was just bringing in a new product to offer her clients – an in office whitening treatment that takes just over an hour, ok, maybe a little longer with my gift of gabbing, but the treatment itself is an hour procedure.

This past week I took the plunge. I truly could not be happier! It is amazing how that smile can make you feel. It has even motivated me to take even better care of them and inspired a little more personal confidence! My teeth did have some minor sensitivity later that evening but by the time I woke up the next day it had disappeared and only a beautiful whiter smile remained. I can’t wait for my regularly scheduled cleaning later this month, my hygienist is going to be impressed!

 Okay, now time for the real proof. Don’t mind my less than perfect teeth – but please do admire the results. My teeth didn’t look like they were as bad as they were, I mean, here is a recent family photo of which I cropped my smile… not horrible right?
DSC_6729 (2)
but…. when I put the unedited before and after photos below – clearly they needed some work! The below photos granted were taken close up, and only of teeth, whereas the family photos had people as the main focal point, but I am sure glad my teeth weren’t in focus!
teeth before teeth after

If you’re looking for a new hygienist or to brighten your smile, contact Katherine and see how she can help. She was professional, fun and as a mom understands the busy mom life! She sports a million dollar smile herself and can help you keep yours looking its best through regular cleanings or whitening. She has different whitening options – with a take home whitening pen system as low as $20. I know I will be keeping my smile bright and will never be going back to that before shade as we’ve put a plan into action for touch ups (without needing to do the full 1 hour process) and I will be monitoring. In fact it has inspired me to even be a better floss-er – which is something I honestly must say I didn’t do daily.

LifeSmiles will be posting a whitening special for July and it will be shortly posted here. Watch for it if you’d like to brighten your smile, and make your first impressions a little more confident. If you are in need of a cleaning and without benefits or the means to afford a clean at this time, she is hosting a free cleaning clinic. Contact LifeSmiles for more information.


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