Watching You Grow

Dear Son,

Three weeks into summer and although it’s been busy, I have had time to reflect. It is amazing how a year can change you. As I watch you grow and transition from grade to grade, I  wonder, is time always going to go this fast? First it was JK, you were prepped by attending preschool, but in your case it didn’t make those first few weeks of school any easier. You really didn’t want to leave mom or dad to play with some strangers. Soon enough, many tears later, you grew to love your teachers and trust them like Mom & Dad. You made a whole classroom of friends and really enjoyed going to school each day. You were sad when the first summer vacation came and already by the first Sunday you asked when school was beginning again. We assured you it would return in September.

Then came SK. You were the more experienced and big kid now. You were going to graduate this year and it was an exciting thing to look forward to all year. There were no tears for the first day drop off. You were excited to again see those teachers you learned to love in JK. You learned so much in this year, socially, academically and grew physically.

Moving from SK to Grade 1, this time it was Mom who was nervous. You were going to be playing in a big schoolyard, no fencing and with older kids? You proved how grown up you were by knowing the boundaries and what you were to do when the bell rang, where you were to line up, and everything you were supposed to do as soon as you entered the school.

Now we move to grade 2. Not much is going to change in the big yard, you will still play, but school is changing. Each year you get a little less craft time, a little less play time, and more desk time. Each year you grow a little more and learn a lot more.

I know you love school. I hope that in the future years to come that you always get great teachers that continue to foster the positivity and wealth of learning you crave. I hope that you continue to make great friendships and never stop learning. School isn’t just about academics, but social growth, following routine, and so much more.  It really is a blessing to be your mom and watch the development, even if it does happen quicker than I ever imagined.

Love Mom.


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