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I have been thinking about this post for a while and I know in advance it is a controversial subject. We are often sent or come across articles from pro-vaccinators, anti-vaccinating parents, and selective or delayed-vax families and asked to share with our community. I feel like the social entities and communities have drawn these imaginary lines separating families based on vaccination schedule decisions. Some children are not good enough to go to school with other children if their parents decisions differ, or that some parenting capabilities are divergent based on a single decision one has made. Worst case, you can’t be friends because you don’t see eye to eye. We’ve abstained from posting controversial sides as most vaccine related posts only take one side and regularly negatively demean others with differing decisions. This has to stop.

My best friend (and a handful of other friends ) see vaccinations differently. Our opinions on most vaccinations vary yet it does not affect our friendships. Our kids play together happily. They are all still great parents. We do not berate each other over which decision is best and accept each others reasoning. The truth is, every single decision we make as a parent is scary. We all want to do the best for our children, and that is what makes us each a good parent. Instead of harshly judging ones decision to vaccinate, to not vaccinate, or delay scheduled shots, let’s work together as best we can to support or at least accept each other. It is my opinion that everyone of us has made a decision because we feel it is best for our family, for some reason or another, and the research we have gathered supports our own viewpoint. Keep in mind there are some people who are vulnerable and unable to even make such decisions based on compromised immunity, health or development delays or mental issues, and this decision is made for them.

Mom Cafe will always be accepting of all families and respectful of life decisions. We encourage you to research, ask questions, and explore the world of material to make such educated decisions. In the end we have nothing but respect for those who have done this and are confident in their decision, whether our personal one may differ.  It is your job to be the parent and make those decisions that you feel are best, for them, for you, and for the whole family. We always encourage our community to engage in discussions and we further promote respectful responses. We are the primary role models to our children. Let us teach them inclusion over seclusion and embracing the freedom to make our own decisions yet be accepting of those whose differ. It all starts with us. Next time you see a post asking for controversy on this topic, keep on scrolling. Be confident in your decision and respectful of others.



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