Showing Some Extra Community Love to Special Needs Parents

 Parenting can be tough at the best of times. After having a conversation with a friend recently she admitted she is feeling run down. Things keep piling up. She is exhausted and feeling defeated. I’ve watched her happy bubbly positive posts change to less enthusiastic, less driven notes, which detail she is tired and something is amiss.  She is raising two beautiful special needs children. While I do not like to categorize children or people in general, her children require a little more attention. Between many medical and therapy appointments she is trying to juggle everything else all other parents do, while providing constant attention to one of them. She is always fighting to have others understand her children’s issues, her struggles, and have her voice heard. One of her children, who doesn’t appear to display any issues physically and looks like a bright brilliant boy, has those looking on wondering what could possibly be the matter. Rather than take the time to understand most just dismiss their struggles and go on their merry way.

We wrote this post to say we are here for her, and for all parents. Parenting with added levels of stress and children with additional needs we know is difficult. We are here to help if we can. Sometimes it might just be to listen, to sit down and have a tea and let you vent, or to just know from afar we think of you often and think you are doing a fantastic job. We may not fully understand the struggle or daily ritual you endure, but we know it takes a special kind of parent to excel at it like you are.

If you are a special needs parent, or know someone who is, take the time to let them know they are doing a great job. Let them know that you are available to lend a helping hand as they need it. Even if they’ve got it all under control, your thoughts will be much appreciated. Take the time to listen, and attempt to understand. Sometimes an ear is a gift that can be most rewarding. Let us show some extra community love to those parents who go above and beyond with extra challenges.
 It takes a community to raise a child.


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  • Please have your friend get in touch with me to arrange for a FREE reiki session. If childcare is an issue, we can schedule it when Aidan is home and can play with her children in the yard or at the park 🙂

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