I am a very positive person. I try to always see life with the glass half full and an optimistic perspective. I also believe in recognizing the good in others and try to let them know often. A quick note, pick me up post, or text, can really make someone’s day. I am that random person posting on my friends Facebook walls for no reason whatsoever just to tell them they are great. I think positive recognition is mutually beneficial.

Through my friendships and particularly Mom Cafe, I’ve realized I have many amazing mothers in my life and we all do in our community. Mom Cafe has been positively engaging and a growing resource for parenting. I want to extend my love of positive recognition out into the community by having us recognize some of the mothers in your lives.

We’ve launched #momcafespecial in hopes of doing this. We would like you to honour those moms who are amazing in your eyes, go above and beyond, or could just hear they are doing a great job.  Family, friends, acquaintances – all moms are eligible.

We initially posted about this here and asked you to post on Facebook. Here is the challenge:

“I really believe that if we spend more time building each other up and providing support that we are a better off community. We’ve decided to issue a challenge to recognize the amazing mothers within our circles. Imagine if we all chose 3 mothers to let them know how special they are. The challenge is for you to either make your own status, post on their wall, or in some way use Facebook (welcome to post on the Mom Cafe wall too!) to recognize & tag 3 different mothers for their awesomeness. Be sure to use the ‪#‎momcafespecial‬ hashtag so we can all connect and see the positivity and the wonderful mothers. From all those posts with this visible #momcafespecial tag, we will randomly draw for a special mom pair to receive a deserving giveaway! Ready, set, recognize!”

Some of the best gifts we can give can be in the form of words and they cost nothing but our time to relay them.

Happy Mothers Day!

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