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“We love to help our local community save money and organize their life to help maintain a balance through community events and lifestyle coaching. Ella Bates is our founder and a qualified Life Coach, Person Centered Counsellor, NLP Practitioner and currently a Corporate Trainer for a blue chip energy company.” ~How to Organize That

I follow an awesome page on Facebook called How to Organize That. What I love about it most is that it local. If you haven’t figured it out already, I love local. The page is full of awesome tips for cooking to organizing life from everything to anything and all that goes in between. It often contains advice on all of these topics (so yes – on anything) from within our own community.

They hold many community workshops on things from learning how to price match, budgeting, saving on groceries, to freezer meal seminars where you go away stocking your freezer (even a weight watchers friendly option)! I need to get to a price matching & grocery saving seminar, as I’ve recently decided I spend WAY too much on groceries! They also have a group which contains more of the advice and community forum type discussions and are currently organizing a Courtice Wide Yard Sale.

I almost forgot one of the incentives on Wednesdays! Each week they hold a giveaway called Wild Winning Wednesday which gives away something from a local community business. You will generally find me entering each week as I love entering giveaways as much as offering them!

Although I strive to be “little miss organized”, it isn’t always easy to get everything to come together, and I am always looking for tips to make life simpler and more importantly please my frugal nature and save. Be sure to check them out if you too would like to be a little more organized, or save a little more money, in your life. There is a little something or tips for everyone who runs a family to make life easier.


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