Coach Mom is Sitting Out This Season

This year I decided not to coach. For the last 4 years I’ve coached soccer or baseball, or both, sometimes in the same season. This year I would like to watch my son play, get a different perspective, and watch him take direction from another. I also don’t think I have the extra time or skills to put in a good effort of managing his team. We’re moving up to the big league in baseball this year and I am hoping his coach has more skills than me!

As a coach there comes a lot of responsibility.  From calling your players before the season starts, to getting equipment ready and set up before each game, the coach spends more than the hour designated on the field. Arranging snack schedules to changing up order and positions on the field, all takes time before and after the games.

We are registered with the NASC organization for the 5th year in a row (they have hockey, soccer and softball programs). One of the things we love most about this organization is the fact that it is run entirely on volunteer support. This keeps costs low and a welcome house league feel to the organization. This also means that although I am not going to be the coach this season, I will still happily put my hand up to help out at any game or practice when they need a parent on a base or help organizing on the sidelines. This from my experience was the hardest part as a coach. Parents love to come watch the game, but many are not dressed or eager to put their hand up to help out. It is also hard as the coach to ask for help when there doesn’t appear to be willing bodies. Some understandably have other little ones along with them and are unable to help out.  If you think your coach needs a hand, and you are able, please step up to the plate, even before you are asked. Your coach will appreciate you more than you will know.

I also wanted to take this time to thank all who have volunteered past and/or present and who have coached the children within our community. Whether you volunteer as coach or help as a parent on the side, you are really doing something great for our children and community. Mom Cafe certainly appreciates everyone who does their part and loves a strong community of any sort. The stronger the organization the more rewarding sport or activity becomes.

Hope to see some of you at the diamond this summer!


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