YOLO: Inches Be Gone!

If you are like me I am sure you can relate that as mom it is hard to do it all.  I was doing a great job at filling the fit & healthy mom role model, one I hold very dear to me as being highly important, until last year. For some reason, with an increase in kid activities, a couple changes in work schedules, and some crazy hormones (anyone else noticed this change post age 30?), I have found sticking to my fitness routine consistently in 2014 was very difficult. That came with a price too – 10 lbs. I put the same 10 lbs on and off last year which seemed like a half dozen times, and somehow it now seems to have crept closer to 15lbs. Last year I would work out hard core for a month or so, which followed by a lazy month or two of nothing and likely filling my face. Consistency was absent.

I can use any excuses I dream up for the past, but the reality is only I can make changes for here forward. Those 10 lbs 15 lbs have not only got an eviction notice but I have decided I need to implement a fitness plan that can work around my schedule, and is beneficial for the whole family. I need to not allow my weight to be played with like a yo-yo. I tend to be an all or nothing kind of gal, and need to realize that even starting with 1-2 workouts a week is better than none at all.

To start off my new journey, I was lucky enough to get a head start when I attended a YOLO party with friends at UFIT Health & Wellness. What is YOLO? It is low level laser therapy which is designed to melt fat in target areas. It provides contouring and inch loss. You can find out all the scientific specifics here. I was definitely skeptical going in, but like most of us, if something really could give me some immediate results even to motivate me to get going in the right direction, I was eager.

The results from the party varied. Measurements were taken at three places, and at one given measurement spot, inch loss was from 0.75″ on the one person who lost the least inches, to 3.25″ lost who the greatest number of inches. Overall inch loss (three measurement points combined) yielded a total of 1.25″ lost on the smallest person, to 7.75″ lost  from the individual who lost the most. That is a lot of inches lost in 30 minute session!

I’ve kept the inches off and have ate better all week, even dropping a couple of those 15 lbs, so I declare it a success and am going back for another session. You can chose where you need to tighten, tone & lose – and although we all did our mommy bellies at the party, my love handles are next.

Would you like to try it yourself? Enter to win in our giveaway below. Additionally you can win by attending the Everything Spring Show as UFIT Health & Wellness is donating another session as a door prize. Here are some tips make your treatment most successful. Good luck!

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