Live Lash LoVe & Win!

This weekend I escaped. Almost two hours of glorious me time. I relaxed as I was beautified with wonderful lashes. They now make me an efficient mom too – walking out the door looking ready to start my day with no work at all!

I had lashes a few years ago, so I wasn’t completely new to the process, and my beautiful bestie and coworker have sported them for years. To say I was never missing them when I saw these lovely ladies would be untrue – they just add the va va voom to your eyes, and who doesn’t want that? Plus the blessing of natural dark blonde lashes has always made me feel I need mascara to look awake!

While reading Live Lash LoVe‘s page, I read that good application of lashes should never be felt, they should not feel heavy, nor should they irritate the eyes. After her putting on a full set for me, I have to agree. I don’t even notice they are there unless I am looking in the mirror, yet somehow I already feel more confident.

The best part is that the glorious me time doesn’t end. I will choose to either fill my lashes every 2, 3, or 4 weeks – dependent upon my individual lash growth – and this means another hour to myself, for myself, each time. I booked in for 3 weeks and I am already looking forward to it. Live Lash LoVe’s Facebook page provides tips on how to keep your lashes clean & fresh – making them last longer between fills. She even suggests a make at home cleaner to use which is super simple. I love that she is local (Oshawa) and a certified mompreneur.

Some people get them for special occasions like a vacation south or a fancy party, while others keep them permanently. After seeing them, my friend and my mom already want a set! Do you want beautiful lashes too or do you deserve some mommy pampering? With just a few more likes she is giving a set away! See this Post by Live Lash LoVe. If you ever need to find her contact information in the future, you can find her here in the Business Directory.


I’ve never been good at selfies, but you can clearly see a difference! If you come to the Mom Cafe Everything Spring Show I will let you see them in person. Be prepared, you will want them too!

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