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One of my biggest fears for my child is for them to be bullied. Growing up I do not remember as much emphasis talking about bullying nor do I remember much bullying on the schoolyard.  I do remember hitting the preteen years where some kids started to be mean & judgmental of others, but even so, it didn’t seem as terrible as the stories we hear or see now on the news, social media and through other parents. Now, it just plain scares me.

Wednesday, February 25th, is Pink Shirt Day. I  love this concept, which originated in Canada, and now unites the country by bringing attention to this issue. Educating our kids about bullying from early age not only helps them recognize a bully and how to deal with one, but also shows them behaviours that are bully-like in hopes they would never bully another themselves. It also promotes them to use their voice to not be afraid to talk about it if it ever should happen.

This is our second year recognizing Pink Shirt Day and I am happy our school system takes time to recognize and educate on this day. We have taken pink shirt day as a day to educate at home too. We do this through talking about it as we make our own custom shirt to support. We always play a scenario game called Buddy or Bully, and my son chooses what type of person fits the scene. We talk about bullying, what to do, who to tell should you face this situation, and most importantly what it takes to be a good friend and support your friends when they are bothered.

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You’ve got two days  – want to make your own shirt too? Perhaps head to your local Michael’s Craft Store where they are on sale this week for $4. Be sure to use one of these coupons to save further. No time? Check out these custom affordable anti-bullying t-shirts from a local entrepreneur Absolutely Positive. We save these shirts after he has outgrown them and plan on using portions of them later as pieces for a memory blanket. In the meantime, re-wearing them and providing the positive messages any day is inspiring.

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