I need that hat…

Looking in my front hall it is apparent I have a winter hat obsession. One kid. A dozen kid hats. I can crochet – but the couple times I picked up the knitting needles it resulted in an uncompleted project and stitching so tight that I’d have to take some serious lessons in undoing “knots” to reuse the yarn. It is something I will learn one day – as I have patterns, books and needles, and more needles, graciously handed down from a great aunt – but for now I will stick to crocheting dishcloths every now and then.

I follow so many mompreneurs who have knit/crochet businesses – I can’t help but see their latest creation, think how cute is that… AND buy another hat.  Some of my favourites are when hats are customized – we have a hockey hat with name & number and a knight hat denouncing my son as sir with his surname. Two of the other most commonly worn favourites are a teenage mutant ninja turtle and a full face Spiderman. The best thing about stitched hats is that they last for years as they stretch around the kids or adult head (and the paternal genes in this family breed big noggins!).  The cost of yarn and the stitching time, I think you get a quality long lasting product at a pretty affordable price.

We are lucky to showcase some of the community stitching talent with Betsy’s Crochet & Designs in our Handmade & Art album of our business directory. It is worth taking a moment to check out her incredible work. We also admire other local pages such as  Crocheting for Autism and The Cozy Crafter who raise money for therapy sessions or donate portions of their profits to charity. Additionally, at our Everything Spring Show we will be displaying many artists with different types of stitching talent from scarves to photography props and everything in between. Be sure you come by to check them all out, I might just purchase another hat.


Do you have the same love of crochet and knit hats as we do? What characters or styles have you purchased or would you like to get? Do you have a favourite local community stitching business?


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