Everybody’s Birthday

I am blessed with a lot of great friends. When we add up all the kids between us it can make things like birthday party planning, and including everyone, difficult.

As a practice, come our children’s birthdays, we haven’t felt obligated to invite each others kids to the parties and some of us even forgo parties altogether. A great new idea was born when one of us won a basic party planning package during Joey’s World Birthday Bash. We had agreed in advance we would share the package if any of us won and just do a play date type affair, but the idea grew.

PicMonkey Collage

Everyone’s ages were celebrated!

Last weekend we celebrated Everybody’s Birthday. We planned the party to include the close knit circle of friends and declared it a celebration for all. We drew names with a predetermined small budget so every child received a present. The cake, the attention, and fun was shared by all. The venue took care of set-up, clean up, food & drink. Most importantly we enjoyed great adult conversations with girlfriends as the kids were off being active, having fun and each of them feeling the excitement of their shared party!

We’ve already decided we will do this again next year and split the cost. We agreed it will be a new winter tradition among a great group of friends and pick a new location or idea each year to add new memories. For next year we are already thinking bowling at Neb’s Funworld and scoring a great deal with their Bowling Gives Back packages (more on this in a future post!).

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